Washington Post: Washington is concerned about Moscow’s actions in the Middle East


The Washington Post said that the United States believes that its armed forces in the Middle East have recently been confronted with an increasing frequency of “provocative” and “unsafe” actions by Russia and Iran.

The newspaper, citing unnamed White House officials, said that the US authorities are really concerned about the development of events in this way.

The newspaper pointed out that in June, the US authorities recorded several incidents, which Pentagon officials described as “provocative and escalatory” or “unsafe and unprofessional” actions by Russia and Iran in the region. As an example, the newspaper mentioned cases in which Russian warplanes allegedly posed a threat to US aviation in Syrian airspace by using maneuvers not provided for in the deconfliction mechanism between the two countries.

The newspaper added: “But the US Central Command refused during that” to provide any additional details to support these allegations.

As another example, the sources mentioned, the June airstrike on a camp of US-backed militants near the US base of Al-Tanf in southern Syria. According to these sources, the Russians informed the Americans about this 35 minutes before the strike. Despite the fact that no US military personnel were injured, Washington considered this behavior by Moscow “an attempt to consolidate its hegemony in the region, believing that the United States would not respond militarily.”

The sources stressed that Iran and the forces backed by it are carrying out similar “provocative” actions.

Source: RIA Novosti

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