The occupation arrests a Jerusalemite and his wife and leaves their two children in the car (witness)

The occupation forces arrested a young man and took him and his wife from his car in occupied Jerusalem, leaving behind two children, one of whom is a baby.

Palestinian pages published a video showing the two children crying after the occupation forces took their father, Anas Afana, and his wife to a security center, and left them in the car alone late at night.

Jerusalemites gathered on Afana’s car and took the two children to take care of them.

Later, the Israeli occupation police claimed that Afana and his wife were taken away because the wife is from an area that is administratively affiliated to the West Bank, which means that she violated the occupation regulations by being in Jerusalem.

The occupation police added that they only took the couple after one of the husband’s relatives attended to take care of the two children, before the latter filmed the scene and published it on social media.

Later, the occupation forces released the couple.

Local sources: “The occupation forces arrest a mother and father and leave their infants inside the car at midnight last night in occupied Jerusalem.”

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