The new Firefox enhances the privacy of users’ data

The new Firefox enhances the privacy of users' data


Mozilla has announced a new version of the Firefox browser, which brings with it many features for users.

According to the company, the new Firefox 102 release carried with it patches for many software errors that affected browsing websites, and it also repaired some vulnerabilities that could have been exploited to penetrate users’ devices and data.

The most notable thing in the new version is the emergence of the “Query Parameter Stripping” feature that automatically removes ratings from URLs when browsing the Internet, which prevents many sites from obtaining browsing data and exploiting that data to target ads to users.

The new Firefox enhances the privacy of users' data

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To enable the new feature, the user must go to the Firefox settings menu, click on “Privacy and Security”, and then change the “Extended Protection” option to the “Severe Security” option.

Some experts point out that the new feature may prevent the user from accessing some sites that it classifies as “dangerous” sometimes, so he can turn off the feature at any time when needed.

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