Sisi presents a gift to a group of the Egyptian people on the occasion of June 30th

Sisi presents a gift to a group of the Egyptian people on the occasion of June 30th


The Egyptian media announced that the “Mustaqbal Watan” party presented gifts from President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to a number of Sinai residents.

According to the Egyptian media, gifts were presented under the slogan of the “President’s Gift” initiative within the framework of the Nation’s Future Party’s celebration of the anniversary of the June 30 revolution. The number of car owners who met the conditions of the initiative reached 215.

The Future of the Homeland Party, during the “President’s Gift” initiative, implemented the third and fourth phase by replacing old drivers’ cars with modern cars 2022, after submitting a prior inventory of 215 taxis in North Sinai, operating on gas, in support of the party for an important and dear group in our Sinai society, which is from It will achieve several economic and environmental benefits for drivers by reducing environmental pollution, as well as upgrading the national automobile industry.

The party’s secretariat in North Sinai Governorate officially announced the registration of 215 Sinai citizens, and their cars were replaced with modern cars that would help them to work without any compensation, a reward from the party for this category.

The party secretariat in the governorate revealed the delivery of pre-registered cars under the president’s gift initiative to replace and renew old cars with modern cars that run on natural gas without any charge, in 4 batches, which started from last Saturday, June 25, until yesterday, Tuesday, June 28, and the cars came The new 7 seater and 5 seater space.

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