News 24 | The environment announces the arrival of one million head of cattle for sacrifice and sacrifice through the port of Jeddah

sacrificial animals Today (Thursday), the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the arrival of more than one million head of livestock through the quarries of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Jeddah Islamic Port.

She added that the release took place during the period from 1 to 30 of last Dhu al-Qi’dah, noting that the clearances of the dispatches of the Kingdom’s project to benefit from sacrifice and sacrifices amounted to about 410 thousand head of cattle.

The ministry expected more livestock to arrive during this year’s Hajj season, noting that it was keen to ensure the safety of the livestock.

She confirmed that this is done by drawing random samples of blood, examining them in the specialized laboratories, to ensure their laboratory safety, and then clearing them customs in case they are safe from any quarantine epidemics, and then they are delivered to importers through the livestock station operator.

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