News 24 | Distributed in 4 areas.. Residential offers more than 2,600 free land to beneficiaries

It is distributed in 4 regions.. "residential" Offers more than 2,600 free land to beneficiaries The “Sakani” program of the Ministry of Rural Municipal Affairs and Housing announced today (Thursday) that 2,670 plots of land were offered free of charge to beneficiaries within the housing schemes that it had previously offered through the electronic portal.

The program explained that the land that was offered is located within 13 residential plans, distributed over 4 regions, namely: Riyadh, Sharqiya, Makkah, and Hail. It includes 281 plots, and a plot in Afif provides 112 plots, in addition to a plot in Thadiq that provides 53 plots.

He added that the eastern region included 5 plots, including 3 in the Olaya village with a total of 733 lands, and two schemes in Hafr Al-Batin providing a total of 550 lands. .

“Sakani” called on the beneficiaries wishing to have the option of obtaining a free land to visit the website and choose the suitable plot and land for reservation, noting that infrastructure works are underway in the plans.

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