News 24 | Admission is open for high school graduates for the 66th session at King Fahd Security College

photoToday (Thursday), the General Administration of Central Admission at the Ministry of Interior’s Agency for Military Affairs announced the opening of admission for high school certificate holders from the current academic year’s graduates to join the Bachelor of Security Sciences course No. 66 “Officers”, at King Fahd Security College to work after graduation in one of the security sectors. .

She added that the application will be available from next Saturday until next Thursday, through the application through the “Absher – Employment” platform, provided that the applicant must be of Saudi origin and origin, and those who grew up with his father while serving outside the Kingdom are excluded from the origin condition.

The conditions for submission also included that he be of good morals and reputation, and not have been convicted of a legal punishment or a crime against honor or honesty, that the applicant should be medically fit and free from infectious diseases and physical and mental impairments, and that the height and weight should be proportional to the medical regulations, and no medical examination was accepted. Only what is issued by the medical committee.

She added that the applicant must have a high school diploma (natural, legal) or a course system (natural, human), and high school graduates for the current academic year have a “daytime regular”, and graduates of previous years are not accepted, and they should not be expelled from one of the colleges. Military or military institutes for any reason.

The ministry indicated other conditions, including that the applicant should not be married to a foreigner, and that he must pass the medical examination, personal interview, physical fitness, and all the tests prescribed for differentiation among the applicants, noting that the names of the candidates for admission in principle by sending a text message to the applicant’s mobile.

She noted that entering data on the platform and obtaining an application number does not mean acceptance of the applicant, and the date of the English language competency test “step” will be set later.

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