Admission open for high school certificate holders at King Fahd Security College

– The applicant must be of Saudi origin and origin, and the person who grew up with his father during his service outside the Kingdom is excluded from the condition of origin.

– To be of good morals and reputation, and not have been convicted of a legal punishment or a crime against honor or trust.

The applicant must be medically fit and free of infectious diseases and physical and mental impairments.

– That the height is proportional to the weight according to the medical regulations, and no medical examination is accepted except for what is issued by the medical committee.

He must have a high school diploma (natural, legal) or a course system (natural, human), and a high school graduate for the current academic year (daytime regular). Graduates of previous years are not accepted.

– Secondary school certificates issued from outside the Kingdom must be equalized by the Ministry of Education.

The cumulative average should not be less than (80%) in the high school qualification.

– The age of the high school graduate at the start of the academic year according to the national identity card shall not be less than (17) years and not more than (22) years.

He must have taken the general aptitude test, and must have obtained a score of no less than (70%).

Not to have been expelled from a military college or military institute for any reason.

The applicant should not be married to a foreigner, and must pass the medical examination, personal interview, physical fitness and all the tests prescribed for differentiation among the applicants.

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