“FAO”: About 12 million Sudanese will suffer from a severe wave of hunger


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “FAO”, has warned of a looming food crisis in Sudan as a result of the effects of armed conflict, reduced production of staple crops and economic turmoil.

According to a multi-partner IPC analysis, 11.7 million people, nearly a quarter of the country’s population, are expected to suffer from an acute wave of hunger at the height of the lean season in September, an increase of nearly two million people compared to the same period last year.

West, North and Central Darfur, Khartoum, Kassala and White Nile states, which are the states most affected by conflict and economic deterioration, recorded the highest levels of food insecurity, namely, the crisis level (IPC phase III) and the emergency level (IPC phase IV). food) during the study period from June to September 2022.

In this context, Papagana Ahmadu, FAO Representative in Sudan, said: “These alarming figures are the clearest indication of the deteriorating food security conditions in the country. If we want to protect more people from the risk of falling into crises and emergency conditions and avoid the looming food crisis On the horizon, we need to double investments in local food production to ensure that farming and pastoral families can feed themselves and their communities in the coming months.”

Source: UN news

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